Master Sgt. Anthony Yost ("Andy", to his family)
was born October 9, 1966 in Flint, Michigan.

He was killed November 19th, 2005 as he led a raid on a house, in Mosul, Iraq, as a member of the US Army Special Forces.

The family of Andy Yost would like to thank you for visiting our website. Though Andy has left this world his spirit, and our love for him, will live on forever.

On this site, in both pictures and in words, we can share our fond memories of Andy with family and friends. While most of the materials on this site were provided by our family we also plan to include stories written about Andy by his military friends, links to related news articles, etc.

Andy died a hero, proudly, in service to his country. But long before his death he was a larger-than-life hero to his family, here, in Michigan. Now the world knows what we always knew - that Andy was a person who stood up for what he believed in and who would always rise to meet any challenge if it meant doing the right thing.

Our challenge is simple: to help keep the memory of this beloved man and proud patriot alive in the hearts and minds of both his family and freedom-loving people everywhere; to that end we have created this website.

As we assemble the old photos and collect our memories for this site we feel as though Andy is watching. No matter what the endeavor, Andy always gave his personal best. We can only hope that this website does his memory justice. We promise, Andy, we'll do our best.

God bless your soul, are greatly loved and sorely missed.

The Family of Andy Yost

A Daughter's Prayer

Andy's daughter, Cheyenne, wrote the following prayer which has been placed on a plaque in Millington High School (where Andy graduated):


My dad is a hero who loved his country,
he fought for our freedom
when other countries try to beat us

He lost the fight that took his life
but kept our freedom
Thank you so much for what you have done
Now that you're gone without saying goodbye
I miss you so much and wish you wouldn't have died
I love you with all my heart and we will never part

I love you always & forever Daddy

Love, Chey

Andy with his Mom, Penny

Andy with his daughter, Cheyenne

No more battles...this hero's at rest.
Never To Be Forgotten
(Arlington National Cemetary)